The Celestial Choir – the Host of Heaven

The bright creations of strength and nobility, these powerful Celestial beings serve God and the Archangels of Heaven. They are divine agents, keeping order in the Symphony. There are seven different types (choirs) of angels in this game:

Seraphim – the Most Holy, (Trisagionists)

Cherumbim – the Guardians, (Hayyoth)

Ofanim – the Wheels, (Thrones)

Elohim – the Powers, (Dynamis)

Malakim – the Virtues, (Kings)

Kyriotates – the Dominations, (Hives)

Mercurians – the Friends of Man, (Intercessionists)

There was an eigth choir (The Grigori) long ago, but they were all cast out of Heaven at the start of the War. There are those who believe even speaking their name disturbs the Symphony, and will thus refer to them (if they must) as the Watchers, as this was their original duty. See Other forces.


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