Demons \ Devils \ Fallen Angels – The Infernal forces of Hell

These are somne of the more powerful minions of Hell. These seven bands work (loosely) towards the day when they can pull down Heaven…or that’s the official line anyways. In reality, everyone is out for themselves and their various factions of Hell. Each faction, led by demonic Princes , competes as much with each other as they do against Heaven. A demon understands their own kind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he\she likes them, or (God forbid) trust them! The seven bands (and their nicknames) are:

Balseraphs (the Liars, the Serpents)

Djinn (the Stalkers, the Binders)

Calabim (the Destroyers, the Freaks)

Habbalah (the Punishers, the Horrors)

Lilim (the Tempters, the Daughters of Lilith)

Shedim (the Corruptors, the Fleshless)

Impudites (the Takers, the Charmers)


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