Other forces

Allied to niether Heavan or Hell, these few beings try to make their way through the realms of existence on their own or in small groups. Some try to influence events, others just try to survive them. They may ally themselves with one faction or the other in order to further their own aims.

Celestial spirits: Lesser spirtis in Heaven and Hell, these less powerful spirits help their side in any way that they can. They can be sent to the Corporeal plane (Earth) from time to time; Imps and Gremlins for the Infernal forces and Relievers on the side of Heaven. They may, in time, grow in power and graduate to full membership in their sides army as Demons or Angels.

Renegades, Rogues and Outcasts: Caught between Heaven and Hell, some Celestials find themselves on niether side of the War. These few beings lead a perilous existence, as niether side will protect them from the other, and they are usually hunted by their former masters.

The Grigori: (AKA the Watchers) The fabled 8th Choir of Angels. It is not generally known if any of these giant beings still exist. They were supposed to have been the closest of the angels to humanity, and were tasked to watch over and guide them. The Grigori proved to be very corruptable and they intermarried with humans, leading greatly debauched lives and neglecting their appointed duties. Many had children that were hideous, mishapen monsters (known to demonic circles as the Nephallim) and the angels were dispatched to destroy these creatures. The Grigori were all banished from Heaven for their failure. If any of them or their children survived to this day, then they are true ‘wild cards’ in the course of the War.

Ethereal spirtis: The dream realm is full of spirits and beings that want little to do with the War. Most live in the Far Marches, deep inside the Etheral realm, rarely leaving their dreamland strongholds. Many myths abound about who or what actually lives here. (from mythic gods of old to ghostly remnants and wayward human souls) These deep corners of the ethereal realm can be, at times, a place where angels fear to tread.
Humanity: Humans are able to be pawns and priceless beings at the same time. They are stuck in the middle of the War, with both sides fighting for influence and soldiers amongst the great masses of humanity. Humans are the most varied of all creatures in the universe, able to be more selfless and caring than the most pious angel, or more depraved and viscious than the nastiest demon. They are both the reason for and the spoils of the War. Some are oblivious to it, while others become active participants. These active ones are referred to as Awakened or as Soldiers of God \ Hell. Some even become Saints or Undead, to gain power and stay as an active participant in the War. A very rare few of the Awakened try to chart their own course.

Remnants: These are the poor remains of an angels or demon whose celestial forces are lost in battle. A being who had a physical vessel remaining will manifest on Earth to live out the rest of his\her mundane life, cut off from their former allies. Most celestials avoid remnants as they are considered bad luck. Remnants can also be considered ‘wild cards’ in the War, but most don’t remember much of their former glories.


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