Demon Princes \ Diabolic Lords of Hell

These are the most powerful demons in Hell, each with its own views on how things should be. None of them trusts any of the others but may forge temporary alliances of convenience. Here is an alphabetic list of the biggest, baddest demons who have clawed their way to the top, along with their Word.

Andrealphus, the Prince of Lust

Asmodeus, the Prince of the Game

Baal, the Prince of War

Beleth, the Princess of Nightmares

Belial, the Prince of Fire

Haagenti, the Prince of Gluttonny

Kobal, the Prince of Dark Humour

Kronos, the Prince of Fate

Lilith, the Princess of Freedom

Malphas, the Prince of Factions

Nybbas, the Prince of the Media

Saminga, the Prince of Death

Valefor, the Prince of Theft

Vapula, the Prince of Technology

Last and certainly not least is Lucifer, the Devil himself, who rules over everything else in Hell. He rules loosely at times, seeming not to care about the factional infighting, and with the original Iron Fist at others. None of the Princes has ever managed to overthrow his rule, despite their continued efforts. Each Prince fights his own personal battles against the Host of Heaven, but in the end it’s the Shining One who manages the War.


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