To put it simply, the Symphony is everything. It’s how celestial beings (both Heavenly and Infernal) see reality and all that is. This reality consists of three seperate realms, the Celestial, the Ethereal and the Corporeal. Angels and Demons can move between these realms, although each has its own rules that require a celestial to garb his\her Forces in different forms. Each is a battleground in the War.

The Celestial realm is where Heaven and Hell are. It’s also the home of all Celestial beings and where they exist in their true forms.

The Ethereal realm is land of dreams. Many Celestials refer to it as the Marches. The dreamscape is constantly changing, with the number of nightly visitors outnumbering the natives.

The Corporeal realm is Earth. To manifest here, a host vessel (more commonly known as a body) is needed. Humans call this physical world home.


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